Prevention Matters

Prevention Matters! is a COH online panel series that highlights groundbreaking homelessness prevention initiatives in Canada and beyond.

Communities already understand that in order to solve the homelessness crisis, we must move away from emergency responses and focus on preventing homelessness altogether. However, many still need clarity on what this means – what does prevention actually look like in practice? What does it involve? To delve into these questions, Prevention Matters! invites researchers and practitioners to share the innovative work they’ve done to advance prevention, along with the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Upcoming Sessions

Stay tuned! We are constantly updating this section with news on future sessions and who will be involved. In the meantime, you can check out our past recordings below.

Previous Episodes

  • Live session recording available!

    Episode 6

    Culturally Based Approaches to Indigenous Homelessness Prevention

    How can we address Indigenous homelessness/houselessness from a culturally-based lens and start to foster healing?

    with Cathy Fournier, Steve Teekens, Bernice Kamano, Clayton Shirt, Janine Bramadat

  • Live session recording available!

    Episode 5

    The Many Faces of Urban and Rural Displacement

    “It’s not just the big cities anymore.”

    with Stephen Gaetz, Yvonne Kelly, Brian Doucet, Dylyn Reid-Davies

  • Live session recording available!

    Episode 4

    Prevention Across the Globe 1: Duty to Assist in Wales

    How can we ensure that our decision-makers are held accountable for addressing homelessness?

    with Stephen Gaetz, Peter Mackie

  • Live session recording available!

    Episode 3

    Strengthening Family and Natural Supports to Prevent Youth Homelessness

    It is crucial to consider the role that family and community connections play in preventing youth homelessness.

    with Heidi Walter, Jessica Ward, Melody Brewer, Jocelyn Adamo

  • Live session recording available!

    Episode 2

    Black Youth Homelessness Prevention

    What does youth homelessness prevention look like in Black communities?

    with Dagma Koyi, Clovis Grant, Nathan Okonta

  • Live session recording available!

    Episode 1

    Prevention 101 with Stephen Gaetz

    What does it mean to prevent homelessness?

    with Stephen Gaetz

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