Episode 1

Prevention 101 with Stephen Gaetz

What does it mean to prevent homelessness?


Stephen Gaetz

Live Session on

January 24, 2024

The homelessness sector already knows that the only way to truly solve the problem of homelessness is to shift towards preventing it before it happens.

But if we want to address homelessness through prevention, we must be clear on what this means. What systems changes and structural shifts could help to reduce someone’s risk of experiencing housing precarity? How can we ensure that people who have been homeless – and who are now housed – do not experience homelessness again? Ultimately, preventing homelessness cannot and should not be solely the responsibility of the homelessness sector.

In this webinar, Stephen Gaetz, President and CEO of the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, discusses what it means to prevent homelessness with examples from real-life success stories.

We also announce the launch of our new expert series called Prevention Matters! which will highlight groundbreaking prevention initiatives in Canada and beyond.