Episode 5

The Many Faces of Urban and Rural Displacement

“It’s not just the big cities anymore.”


Stephen Gaetz
Yvonne Kelly
Brian Doucet
Dylyn Reid-Davies

Live Session on

May 22, 2024

Evictions are rising across Canada, impacting both rural and urban communities alike.

With our current affordable housing crisis, it is no surprise that we are witnessing a rising number of people—notably tenants—being displaced and facing homelessness across the country.

In this Prevention Matters! panel, we discussed the various ways displacement occurs and how it affects our communities. We explored the different displacement tactics used by landlords, the devastating impact of displacement on individuals and communities, and policy recommendations to prevent further displacement. Check it out below!

Steve Gaetz (Canadian Observatory on Homelessness) was joined by members of The Many Faces of Urban and Rural Displacement Project: Yvonne Kelly (Social Planning Network of Ontario), Dylyn Reid-Davis (Social Planning Council of Kingston & District) and Brian Doucet (University of Waterloo). They shared their insights on the importance of centring tenant voices in policy-making, how communities can advance tenant support and advocacy efforts, and the strong actions every level of government needs to take to end displacement and preserve affordable housing.




STEPHEN GAETZ (he/him) is the President and CEO of the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness at York University as well as co-Director of Making the Shift – Youth Homelessness Social Innovation Lab and the United Nations Centre of Excellence on Youth Homelessness Prevention (Toronto). Dr. Gaetz works in collaboration with partners to conduct research and mobilize this knowledge so as to have a greater impact on solutions to homelessness, and in particular the prevention of homelessness.


YVONNE KELLY (she/her) is a Community and Partnership Developer with York Region District School Board. Yvonne has 30 years of experience in community development, social justice, advocacy and equity work. She is the past Chair of the Social Planning Council of York Region, the current Chair of the Social Planning Network of Ontario and has participated on the steering committees of several organizations and grassroots coalitions advocating for adequate income, affordable housing, equity and fairness for all. Her interest in the Right to Housing, has led to her involvement in addressing these issues at both the local and provincial level. Yvonne is the co-Chair of the Affordable Housing Coalition of York Region, is a founding member of the Encampment Coalition of York Region and also participated in the collective of social planning councils to implement the Many Faces of Urban and Rural Displacement Project funded by CMHC, from April 2022 – September 2023.

BRIAN DOUCET is an Associate Professor in the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo. Originally from Toronto, he obtained his PhD at Utrecht University in the Netherlands in 2010. He is one of Canada’s leading experts on housing, gentrification and displacement and has written extensively for scholarly, professional and public audiences. He is the co-author of Streetcars and the Shifting Geographies of Toronto: a visual analysis of change (2022, University of Toronto Press. His forthcoming documentary film Thinking beyond the market: a film about genuinely affordable housing, will be released later this year.

DYLYN REID-DAVIES (he/they) is a Kingston-based researcher, organizer, and tenant advocate. Born in Toronto, Dylyn obtained his MA from Queen’s University and has resided in Kingston ever since. He is a Director at Large with the Social Planning Council of Kingston & District (SPCK&D) and the former Local Engagement Coordinator for The Many Faces of Urban and Rural Displacement Project (2023).